Waldorf Homeschool Event!

We invite you to a Waldorf inspired homeschool Question and Answer Event with Hana from Pepper and Pine! Event will be held on May 31st starting at 2pm, located at Nature’s Nest 21125 E. Crag mountain Circle, Sutton, AK 99674

We are so honored to welcome Hana from Pepper and Pine for a one of a kind Waldorf inspired homeschool Question and Answer event. Whether you are new to homeschooling or a veteran of many years, you will love to hear all Hana has to offer and what she brings to her homeschooling journey. Come to learn, be inspired or just enjoy some time with your local Waldorf community. This is a Q&A event so please come with your homeschool or Waldorf questions.

Hana is a homeschooling parent of four children. Her 10-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son are still homeschooling while her 19-year-old son is in university and her 22-year-old has completed his masters in computer science as is working full time. She has been cultivating a rich learning environment that inspires, nurtures and empowers her students (and her)since 2003. This may be the secret to her success and the key to her ability to thrive long-term as a homeschooler. The homeschooling journey is a challenging one. Hana recognizes the challenges and has honed her skills to manage the ups and downs with grace and creativity. She began homeschooling with two purposes in mind: nurture her children in a religious environment and tailor the Waldorf educational philosophy to suit her family’s needs. In so doing, she has inspired families worldwide with her Waldorf inspired homeschool which has been modified to include religious and cultural stories to enrich the learning experience.

If you are new to Pepper and Pine, take some time to see what she offered over on her website www.pepperandpine.com

This event will be outdoors, so please dress comfortably. There are a few picnic tables and benches available, but please bring a camping chair for your personal use if you can. 

It is recommended you try to come without children, however there is a small play area that children are welcome to use while you are here if you cannot make other arrangements. There will be a responsible adult to supervise, but children are expect to be respectful and kind while enjoying the space.

Natures Nest will also be open for shopping after the event. Please share with any families you think would be interested. 

Please RSVP with an email to aknaturesnest@gmail.com or a phone call or text to 907-414-6721 so we know how many or coming.

We look forward to our time together, it has been too long!

Published by Aleah Stein

I am the wife and mother in my family of 8 living everyday simply and to its fullest. We are working towards our dream Alaskan homestead! With 6 children 8 and under and 6 Siberian Huskies, our days are filled with love, adventures and daily challenges. We do what we can to ensure our children will grow up in a world as luscious and green as we did. We have respect for this planet and all it provides for us. It is our home.

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