Used Curriculum!

We are in search of your used Waldorf inspired books and curriculum! We would love to pass them onto other families for use. You can either donate them or we can discuss store credit or cash payment options. Please contact us for a good drop off time, larger amounts will need to be arranged outside of regular business hours.

We are open to any books you want to bring in and show us, but are particularly looking for
*Oak Meadow
*Live Education

Thank you!!

Published by Aleah Stein

I am the wife and mother in my family of 9 living every day simply and to its fullest. We are working towards our dream Alaskan homestead! With 7 children 13 and under, 3 Alaskan dogs, 3 cats, 18 chickens, and big dreams, our days are filled with love, adventures and daily challenges. We do what we can to ensure our children will grow up in a world as luscious and green as we did. We have respect for this planet and all it provides for us. It is our home.

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